I love to lead workshops! I love it when people meet around a special issue, sharing ideas and experiences, and leave with new thoughts that can transform lives! I use dramas and different kind of creative activities that help all participants to be a part of the process and make their own reflections.

These are some workshops that I have been giving, but I am always open to new ideas! Contact me and we can discuss exactly what your group needs.

When offering workshops in the context
of Member Care
I am partnering with
The Well International

How to better understand children

In every behavior there is a message – it´s just about understanding what the child tries to communicate to us by her actions. The more we know about children´s needs and development, the easier it is for us to understand the message of a child.


What happens with us during transitions? What can we do to make transitions as smooth as possible?

Transition Fun

A workshop for the whole family where we through different activities process and prepare for transition.

To live with a child that has not been living with me since birth

How do I build a strong and safe attachment to at child that has not been living with me since birth?

A workshop for adoptive parents, step parents, foster parents, dorm parents, or staff in orphanages or children´s homes.

To be a Global Nomad

Did you grow up as a Global Nomad? Do you have a hard time answering the question ”Where are you from?”. You are not alone! Let´s share and help each other to understand who we are and how our experiences have made us to those we are.

Third Culture Kids

Are you a parent, a teacher, a spouce or some one else that is close to a Third Culture Kid, a child or a grown up? Third Culture Kids develop special parts of their personalities that might be hard for others to understand. Come and learn more, and it will be much easier for you to come close to the TCK.

My belonging journey

Where do I belong? To whom do I belong? Sometimes that is a hard question to answer. By reflecting over our lives we can map out our belonging network, and find ways to work on closer relationships to others.

Healing the purpose of my life

What is my heart beat? How can I find ways to use my gifts and to live my vision?

Telling life stories

Story telling is a special art, and can be very healing, especially when we share stories about our lives. It is an amazing way to connect to each other. Come and learn more about how to tell a story, and how to use story telling in family life or in other settings.

Counseling in daily life

How can I be a part of healing processes among the people I meet in my daily life?
How can I listen and talk to people so they feel valued, loved and restored?
How can I pray for people so God can work in their hearts?

Spiritual Direction for all ages

Spiritual Direction is not only for adults. Children can benefit from spiritual direction, and spriitual direction can be given in the daily life. The workshop presents activities that can be used to help us all to see God in our daily iives, and that give space for us to God´s grace and love.

Creative counseling

How can I use more creative methods in my counseling, with individuals or with groups?

Member Care in Creative Ways

How can we offer member care in creative ways, so it will be helpful for all ages? This workshop includes a variety of activities that can be used to prepare for transition or for debriefing. The workshop is normally given in three days.

Teambuilding adn Conflict Managing

As soon as we are a team working together, we also will have conflicts that we need to work through together. This workshop will give ideas about why conflicts are arising, and how we can bring in joy, energy and God into our team in the midst of conflicts!

Training for transformation

How do I teach so the knowledge sticks and lead to transformation in peoples lives? This workshop is for everyone who has a message to share – teachers, parents, preachers, all kind of leaders.

Said about Ulrika´s workshops:

”Ulrika is teaching in a way that makes you feel calm and safe. She gives words to what you have experienced and felt, and it´s easy to mirror yourself in the stories and pictures she shares. It´s very easy to listen to her, which allows for an inner healing process to take place.”

”When I listen to Ulrika I feel that after all I am a quite good Mom. She tells about herself in a way that makes me understand that I am not that bad, I actually do a lot of things that are great. That gives me the strength and courage to try new ways in my parenting.”

Ulrika Ernvik