Who I am and why I have this website

My name is Ulrika, and to be a parent is the most exciting, but also the most challenging, I have experienced in my life. I am very thankful to our five children, that with patience have taught both me and my husband a lot about the needs of both children and parents, and how we can live and grow together. I have also learned a lot from all the parents and children I meet in my work as a social worker, pastor and family therapist.

On this website I have tried to collect what I have learned from my own children, from other parents and children, from my own childhood, from my experience of living in other cultures both as a child and an adult, and from what I have learned in trainings and from books, because I want to share this with you. My hope is that you will find new thoughts and ideas that you can use in yours and your familys life. Everything will not be useful for you, but choose and try.

I have choosed to call this website ”Familjeglädje” which is Swedish and means ”Familyjoy”, because this is what I hope for you and me: That the joy will grow stronger in our families!

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding the information on this website. I am also offering workshops and familysessions, where we together try to find new ways to strenghten relationships and increase the joy. If you are living in another country than Sweden or Thailand and would like me to come and give workshops, please contact me for further details.

Some facts about me

I am an authorized Social Worker, with a Master in Social Work (MSW), and a licensed psychotherapist (Clinical Counsellor) holding a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy with family and system focus.

I have been working within the Swedish Child Protection Service, and at a Family Center, that offers counseling, workshops, an open preschool and much more. During eight years I have been working in Thailand, where I have developed a training for parents and caregivers, called ”How to better understand children”. Five of these years I worked at The Well Member Care Center in Chiang Mai, where I offer family and parent counseling, as well as workshops and trainings for parents, teachers, and organizations.

Ulrika Ernvik