Prayer and parenting

As a parent I once in a while end up in situations where I feel powerless and do not know what to do to help my child. There might be occasions when I feel that I am not as good as a parent. In these moments it is such a relief to believe that there is a God who cares for both my child and myself. Praying for my child, believing that God will help, gives comfort and security.

To meet with other parents to pray for our children

Around the globe moms meet to pray for their children once a week. When we pray together we also have a great oppurtunity to encourage and support each other. Of course dads can meet to pray as well. If you want to know more, please take a look at

To invite God to childhood memories

Being a parent also means that memories from my own childhood catches up with me. Hidden images and emotions might show up. Situations where I feel uncomfortable as an adult are often situations that reminds me about something I experienced as a child. Often it is situations where I felt abused or alone, situations that made me think that I am not a good and loved person. Making these memories alive again, and instead of fear and loneliness be able to feel secure and safe, can be a very healing experience.

By inviting Jesus to be with you in these memories, to listen to what He wants to tell you, the emotions of loneliness and fear can disappear. Jesus loves the children, and he longs to be with you and offer you comfort and safety in those situations where you felt small and alone. If Jesus is not a safe person for you, you can in your imagination invite someone else in to your memory. Observe what she or he is doing for you and telling you.

Our children can also feel alone and unsafe. First of all children need safety from us as parents. But there might be situations where I was not around and the child felt unsecure. If the child wants to, we can invite Jesus together to come along to such a situation, and let Jesus give safety and love.

Ulrika Ernvik