Are you growing up as a Third Culture Kid?

Growing up as a Third Culture Kid will affect who I am.

I might feel

  • I have a hard time answer the question: ”Where are you from?”.
  • it´s easier to say ”Hello” than ”Goodbye”.
  • it is hard to feel that I belong.
  • that I am  not sure where home is.

A person who grow up as a Third Culture Kid

is often like a cameleont – quick to adjust

a good observer – have been spending a lot of time to try to understand new situations and to adjust

might feel rootless and restless

is often very independent – used to solve her problems on her own. Quickly finds new friends, but also needs a lot of freedom.

often feels different – wherever she is – and might feel like an outsider. She might feel weired if she is in a situation where she is not an outsider.

Third Culture Kids

often continue to move around, because

  • we are used to it
  • we want to continue to discover new parts of the world
  • we never feel at home
  • we love the adventure
  • we visit friends around the world
  • we escape

    Ulrika Ernvik