It´s good on a regular basis to debrief what we have been through, especially if we have been through hard times, lived overseas, or been through any kind of trauma. In debriefing it´s good if we can use both halfs of our brains – the left and the right, to process and integrate our experience into our life story. Debriefing is about sorting out what happened, what I thought and felt about what happened, and how I can return to safety and joy again.

Debriefing can happen through a couple of counseling sessions or in a debriefing retreat that gives time to process step by step. Debrieifing can happen on an individual basis, or together as a family or a group. It can happen right after a significant event, or after a while to bring closure to a significant period of life.

If you are in need of debriefing, please contact me and we can set up an online debriefing program for you and your family.

Ulrika Ernvik