Do you, as me, long for more joy in the family?

If so, this website might be something for you.

On this website you might find some thoughts and ideas that might be helpful for you as a parent, and even as someone working with families.

You will find thoughts about why we act as we do, and what we can do to better understand each other.

You will find ideas about parenting in general, but also som specific ideas about parenting children who have not been living with the family since they were born, and some ideas for families who are on the move between different cultures.

The English version of this website has four tracks:

Parenting – Thoughts and ideas about parenting and how to better understand our children, both the children we gave birth to and children who came to us later in their lives.

Third Culture Kids – Thoughts and ideas for families living among and between many cultures.

Spiritual Direction – Thoughts and ideas about spiritual direction for all ages, for individuals, for families as well for groups and organizations.

Traumaprocessing – Thoughts and ideas about how we can help children process their traumatic experience and find joy and safety again, built on my model Safetystories.

Reading about joy will not be enough to increas the joy in our families! To get more joy we need to do more things together. So you will also find ideas about activities that you can do together in the family, activities that will help you to understand each other – and have fun together!

I offer counseling online. I can see both individuals, couples and families. I love to walk alongside Third Culture Kids to help them process there experiences and connect their different life parts into a congruent lifestory.

I offer webinars twice every year about Third Culture Kids and Safetystories. I can also offer other webinars on request. Next training in SafetyStories is starting February 22. For more information contact me at ulrika.ernvik@gmail.com.

I am the author of the book Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For, that can be bought from Amazon.

Ulrika Ernvik